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Corporate Massage, Events and Functions:


Our services can enhance any corporate event or function and can be an invaluable asset to your company when utilized. We will work closely with you to make sure your event or function is a success and our corporate massage programs always yield positive results!

Here are some ideas you may consider using Spa Savvy for:

    • Corporate Massage Programs
    • Employee Recognition
    • Health and/or Wellness Fairs
    • Company Picnics, Outings or Retreats
    • Holiday Parties
    • Mergers
    • Employee Reward Programs
    • Celebrating a New Client
    • Fundraisers or Charity Events


Chair Massage: $120/hr, two hour minimum plus $50 travel fee
Private table massage, $150/hr  60 or 90 minute sessions available
Events: Price varies. Please call for a quote

Corporate Massage
Employee wellness starts at the workplace. Implementing a massage program in your workplace is one of the most affordable wellness programs available with many benefits for all!

What is Corporate Massage?
Corporate massage involves one or more Licensed Massage Therapists coming into the office to perform massage on employees on a massage chair. A suitable place, such as a conference room, is designated for the therapists to set up the massage chair. Employees remained dressed and no oil is applied. The massage focuses primarily on tension in the upper body and back. The massage lasts anywhere from 5-20 minutes leaving employees feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to return to work.

Private 60 or 90 minute traditional table massages may also be scheduled provided there is enough space to accommodate the service.

Why is Massage important in the workplace?

It should be no surprise that stress is our body’s number one enemy and we are living in a nation and in a time of high stress. Even if your employees aren’t experiencing stress at work, other sources and forms of stress can have an adverse impact on their work performance. Massage decreases physical and emotional stress. Also, in our high technological age, many of us have a tendency to get disconnected by technology. Receiving a massage helps employees to feel grounded again and back to being human.

The Facts:

        • The American Institute of Stress estimates that stress and its consequences such as absenteeism, burnout and mental health conditions cost American businesses more than 300 billion a year. Stress alone accounts for 26 billion in medical and disability payments and 95 billion in lost productivity a year.

        • Over 50% of lost work days are stress related keeping approximately 1 million people per day from going to work
        • 40% of job turnover is due to stress
        • 80% of industrial accidents are stress related
        • Experts say up to half of all illnesses are induced by stress


When you body is stressed, the less immune cells it is able to create thus making you susceptible to getting sick. The following is a list of how sick employees can hurt the company they work for.

    • According to the work productivity website, three out of four people go to work when they're contagious. “Presenteeism” – a fancy word for sick people who show up for work – is costing companies $150 billion dollars a year.
    • Mistakes made by ill employees cost more than sick time.
    • Employees that go into work when they are sick get 3 times less work done. Being on the job and not functioning well is actually costing their company more than them taking the day off.
    • Sick workers are more susceptible to injury, less productive, take longer to get better, and are likely to make a lot of their co-workers sick too.


How Massage Helps:


  • Benefits to Employees:

• Massage improves blood flow, calms the nervous system, and reduces anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate which cause your stress levels to drop thus, strengthening the immune system.

• Studies at the University of Miami Medical School’s Touch Research Institute show that massage therapy lowered job stress scores, heightened alertness and raised speed and accuracy at math calculations.
• Massage prevents and manages repetitive stress injuries such as chronic muscle tension and pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and blackberry thumb often due to prolonged computer use and increased activity associated with many of today's handheld devices.

  • In addition to physical stress, massage also reduces mental and emotional stress as well.                

  • Benefits for Employer:

        • Improve Productivity
        • Improve Morale
        • Increase Employee Retention
        • Strengthen Employee Recognition
        • Decrease Sick Days
        • Lower Health Care Costs

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